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Oak Hill Theological College
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'Oak Hill aims to provide the best possible training for gospel ministry. We want you to increase your knowledge of God and his Word, and develop your ability to share that knowledge with people around you. At the same time, we want you to mature as a Christian and show Christ to others in all that you say and do.'
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BBC news for Staffordshire

Staffordshire drive-by shootings: Seven people injured

A passenger in a car fired pellets at passers-by in Stafford with an air rifle, police say.

Nigel Clough: Nottingham Forest job may appeal to Burton boss in future

Burton Albion boss Nigel Clough says he would still consider managing Nottingham Forest at some stage in his career.

Christmas card with 16,707 messages inside it awarded world record.

It was started at the National Memorial Arboretum's Ride to the Wall event and then toured the UK.

Alabama rot dog disease cases 'mostly occur in winter'

Some dogs can develop life-threatening kidney failure as a result of Alabama rot, which has no cure.

Live BBC World News

Catalonia crisis: Spain moves to suspend autonomy

Spain is to begin the process of imposing direct rule on Catalonia after a disputed independence vote.

Afghan army base destroyed by Taliban suicide bombers

A third major attack in a week leaves at least 43 dead and nine wounded in the province of Kandahar.

Malta journalist Daphne Galizia's sons reject million euro reward

Sons of the journalist killed in Malta say they are "not interested in justice without change".

US: Tillerson calls for India ties to counter China

The US would "never have the same relationship with China, a non-democratic society," he added.