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Oak Hill Theological College
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'Oak Hill aims to provide the best possible training for gospel ministry. We want you to increase your knowledge of God and his Word, and develop your ability to share that knowledge with people around you. At the same time, we want you to mature as a Christian and show Christ to others in all that you say and do.'
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BBC news for Staffordshire

Staffordshire PCC: Terror 'tipping police budget over edge'

Staffordshire's commissioner calls for more council tax money to go on anti-terror policing.

Crewe crane collapse: Killed men identified

The two men had been working on the building site when the crane collapsed on Wednesday.

Andrew Dobson jailed for 'child-like' sex doll import bid

Police described the doll - ordered online from Hong Kong and intercepted at East Midlands Airport - as "obscene".

Facebook plea floods Lee Rigby charity with volunteers

The plea help to finish a refuge for veterans and service families is shared thousands of times.

Live BBC World News

Liu Xiaobo: Jailed Chinese dissident has terminal cancer

Nobel laureate Liu Xiaobo leaves jail for hospital after being diagnosed with terminal liver cancer.

Battle for Mosul: Iraq forces repel IS counter-attack

The group deploys suicide bombers in different parts of the city, but their counter-attack is defeated.

Trump breaks White House Eid dinner tradition

The White House breaks an almost 20-year tradition, failing to host a dinner marking the end of Ramadan

Colombia boat sinking: Six killed and 16 missing

Sixteen people are missing after the crowded vessel sinks on a reservoir near an Andean resort town.