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St Michael's
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Evening Worship 6:30pm

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Holy Communion 10am

Church of the Saviour
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Morning Worship 9:30am

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Oak Hill Theological College
From the website:
'Oak Hill aims to provide the best possible training for gospel ministry. We want you to increase your knowledge of God and his Word, and develop your ability to share that knowledge with people around you. At the same time, we want you to mature as a Christian and show Christ to others in all that you say and do.'
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Daily Financial Advice from Money Morning

Ben Silbermann: creating Silicon Valley’s “silent unicorn”

Ben Silbermann, who launched the digital pinboard Pinterest in 2010, is not your typical tech entrepreneur. Quiet and meticulous, he has built the company in his own image. Jane Lewis reports.
The post Ben Silbermann: creating Silicon Valley’s “silent unicorn” was first published on MoneyWeek.

Superdry is super cheap

The upheaval in the boardroom has obscured a healthy business, says Matthew Partridge.
The post Superdry is super cheap was first published on MoneyWeek.

The home-cover rip-off

As is so often the case when it comes to insurance, says Ruth Jackson, it really doesn’t pay to be loyal to your provider.
The post The home-cover rip-off was first published on MoneyWeek.

David Rosenberg: don’t get too comfortable

Investors seem to be getting over their fear of a recession, investment guru David Rosenberg has said. But that could be a mistake.
The post David Rosenberg: don’t get too comfortable was first published on MoneyWeek.